Good Neighbor Agreements

Good Neighbor Agreements

Good neighbor agreements can be a valuable tool for both mines and communities.  In a good neighbor agreement, the mining company enters into a binding contract with the affected community.  This contract specifies the terms under which the mining project should proceed.  In exchange, community members agree to be bound by certain conditions, such as giving up the right to litigate particular issues. As with any contract, once the terms are mutually agreed upon, they become enforceable through the courts.


Good Neighbor Agreements: A Tool for Environmental and Social Justice by the Civic Practices NetworkEvaluating the Use of Good Neighbor Agreements for Environmental and Community Protection by Douglas S. Kenney, Miriam Stohs, Jessica Chavez, and  Anne Fitzgerald

Northern Plains Resource Council’s Good Neighbor Agreement Page

Citizens Guide to the Good Neighbor Agreement –This easily accessible description of the good neighbor agreement between the Northern Plains Resource Council, Stillwater Protective Association, Cottonwood Resource Council, and Stillwater Mining Company provides a good overview of how a good neighbor agreement works.

Good Neighbor Agreements presentation (PDF)  by Olivia Sinaiko.  This presents the benefits, drawbacks, and process for communities to make Good Neighbor Agreements.

An Example of a Good Neighbor Agreement:


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