Media Resources

Media Resources

Creating a Message

The Language of Conservation: How to Communicate Effectively to Build Support for Conservation by Public Opinion Strategies and Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & AssociatesTemplate for Developing Messages– His is a checklist for developing and evaluating conservation messages and communications materials.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are quick to write, relatively easy to have published, and appear in the most widely read section of the paper, the editorial page. Politicians and government agencies routinely clip and circulate letters to the editor as an indicator of what is important to their constituents

The Community Tool Box provides an excellent guide to writing letters to the editor.

The best way to learn to write a letter to the editor is to look at examples.  Here are some letters to the editor that we think are good models.


Op-eds are opinion pieces that are usually published opposite the editorial page in a newspaper. They are written by columnists, leaders of organizations, public officials, and community members. At most papers, anyone can submit an op-ed to convey a clear point of view about a topic of public interest.
The Results Campaign provides an excellent guide to writing an op-ed.

Press Release


The National Association of State Legislators Interview Guide has great information on how to make the most of an interview, whether it is over the phone, in person, on the radio, or on television.

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