Useful Listservs

Useful Listservs

The Alaska state government listservs are particularly useful because notices of actions such as lease sales are posted to them.  Some especially useful listservs are:

    • DEC.Water.Quality.Antidegradation  (communications for the Water quality Standards antidegradation Workgroup)
    • DEC_WaterQualityStandard  (issues and communications regarding the Alaska Water Quality Standards)

Anyone can join these lists.  To join, visit  When you have found the list you want to join, click on “join or leave,” and follow the instructions provided.

** These lists have been known to crash and unsubscribe all subscribers.  We recommend that you check once a year to make sure that this has not happened.**

Western Mining Action Network listserv

WMAN is a network of communities and organizations working on mining issues throughout the US and Canada.   Its goals are to strengthen the capacity of the mining activist movement.

To join the WMAN listserv, email info(at), a project of Electric Embers, provides listservice and groupware for the progressive community

The homepage  gives several categories of lists.  If you click on the category you are interested in, you will be taken to a list of listservs within that category.  Clicking on the listserv you are interested in will take you to a page with information about that listserv.  Click on the “subscribe” button on the left.  You will be prompted to give your email address.


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